[Digikam-devel] New kipi-plugins 0.1.4 beta 2 is out

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Fri Jun 22 16:43:11 BST 2007

You can get it from

Please read the release notes below.

About localization, again we had some problems with "pt" and "da" docs, we'd love to
add them for final that in my dreams should be done next Wednesday, so please 
kde-i18n-doc team take care of that.

v 0.1.4 beta2

Kipi-plugins NEW FEATURES

HTMLExport     : Option to specify whether the original 
                 images should be included
               : Support for theme variants
               : New theme: "frames", by Rüdiger Bente
               : New theme: "cleanframes", by Beth and 
                 Robert Marmorstein
               : New theme: "classic", simulating the output 
                 of the old HTML Gallery plugin
SlideShow      : Skip to next or previous image by a right 
                 or left click
               : Skip to next or previous image by mouse 
                 wheel scrolling
               : Images can be sorted/added/removed 
               : Progress indicator printing doesn't depend 
                 on file name printing anymore.

Kipi-plugins BUG FIXING from B.K.O (http://bugs.kde.org):

001 ==> 140477 : SendImages   : Ability to rename images 
                                being sent via email.
002 ==> 143450 : SlideShow    : Skip to next or previous 
                                image by a right or left
003 ==> 138880 : TimeAdjust   : digiKam 0.9rc2 - 0.9.1rc1 
                                setting file date to exif
                                doesn't work.
004 ==> 140890 : TimeAdjust   : The preview does not display 
                                date and time properly for
                                Japanese locale.
005 ==> 144185 : TimeAdjust   : Adjust date-time tool should 
                                remember previous fixed
006 ==> 146799 : SlideShow    : digikam 0.9.2 crashes when 
                                exiting - slideshow error

Note on release:
Localized documents are again in, except the "pt" and "da" 

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