[Digikam-devel] XMP metadata and GPS support

Mikael Lammentausta mikael.lammentausta at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 09:11:46 BST 2007

Our team needs to tag images with XMP data (freely named fields as this
scheme supports that), as well as insert GPS location information into
photos. I love digiKam and as we otherwise use the program to manipulate the
photos, it would make sense to use to use the same program for these
purposes as well.

I've noticed that on the basis of the poll on the digiKam website, XMP
metadata support is a wanted feature. Also, KIPI-plugins contains a GPS-sync
module. Now, the question is, what's the schedule, who's working on them,
and how can we help? :)

These two are quite a big features, and I'll tell more about what I have in
mind if this sparks interest. A simple XMP reader would be the first thing
to do, I believe. I've done a simple Perl script with ExifTool that does
read/write, and AFAIK that is the only open source tool that currently
supports XMP.  Tell me if I'm wrong. For GPS, we'd need to insert the WGS84
coordinates into the XMP/EXIF tags, and I believe this would be rather
simple using the Google Maps backend service and GPS-sync already does.

Our team doesn't include experienced C++ programmers, but nonetheless we
will start hacking the code if someone could offer a bit hand-holding and
tell us where to start. Compiling from the trunk etc is not a problem.

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