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Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Wed Jun 13 15:25:36 BST 2007

that means that we need to change our scripts again more and more :/

Just a note i haven't unserstood if trunk/l10n exists or never does.
trunk/l10n-kde4 and trunk/l10n-kde3 is clearer anyway.

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Oggetto: [Kde-cvs-announce] Moved trunk/l10n to trunk/l10n-kde3
Data: mercoledì 13 giugno 2007
Da: Stephan Kulow <coolo at kde.org>
A: kde-cvs-announce at kde.org


After a lot of confusion for many translators I renamed trunk/l10n to 
trunk/l10n-kde3 after discussion on kde-i18n-doc at kde.org.

So if you have it checked out:
  you can use svn info l10n to get the url and then
  svn switch <URL+-kde3> l10n

If you're still confused, let me rehash what I wrote on kde-i18n-doc:

There used to be only 2 branches:
  branches/stable/l10n for release things including latest KDE major release
     (currently KDE 3.5) and extragear applications
  trunk/l10n for basically everything else including KDE trunk, extragear
     trunk, kdereview, kdenonbeta, playground, etc.

As KDE4 uses different build system and different gettext format and tools,
we had to split it up and created trunk/l10n-kde4 and over the time a lot of 
confusion happened what's translated where - as trunk/l10n got a new meaning.

This I tried to take care of renaming the branch. Now we have
  branches/stable/l10n - nothing changed there as we have no stable KDE4
     atm. Hopefully by the time KDE4 turns stable, there are no more KDE3
     releases (knock on wood)
  trunk/l10n-kde3 - everything in development for KDE3, mostly extragear apps,
     some unmaintained things from nonbeta and various things from playground
  trunk/l10n-kde4 - everything in development for KDE4

One a related topic: The position of l10n coordinator is still up for grabs. 
Translators will buy you drinks at fairs and can find a nice place to sleep 
at friends in almost any corner of the world! And all you have to do for it 
is watch out of developers doing weird things and explain it
to translators. Oh, and some rewarding administrative things - we would even
put your name behind scripty's account name - which would make you the
top committer for the KDE project. Still not interested? Dumbass! Someone 
else will do it and you'll still be you.

Greetings, Stephan
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