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If somebody is interested...


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Date: 14 juin 2007 23:33
Subject: Libre Graphics Meeting 2008
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I'm Kamila Giedrojc, and I will be organizing Libre Graphics Meeting 2008.
It is going to take place in Wroclaw, which is a city of over thousand
years history, located in southwestern Poland, 160 km from Germany and
120 km from the Czech Republic.
The city is developing very fast, getting a label of very innovative,
however it is still possible to appreciate it's history reflecting in
city architecture.

As an official organizer I'd like to invite digiKam project team to
participate in LGM2008.
Since we are at the stage of choosing the best time for the meeting:
- 1-4th of May 2008, or
- 8-11th of May 2008 I'd like to ask if any of the dates suites you
more, or if there is any other event that could prevent you from coming?
If you'd be interested in having bigger discussion about it, please join
irc #lgm.

Kamila Giedrojc

Kamila Giedrojc
Official Organiser
Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 - Wroclaw
www.libregraphicsmeeting.org <http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org>
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