[Digikam-devel] Contribution to digikam documentation

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Wed Jun 6 17:23:41 BST 2007

Hi Gerhard,

thanks a lot!
Just a small remark: from the newly added part everything
appears in bold for me (firefox).

Maybe (but that is really up to you! ;-) one could add
a remark, that
"Small additions/changes in ASCII format are also possible,
and should be sent to XXX so that they can
be incorporated in the docbook"

Also the link to the README does not work,
leads to a python exception

I think the link should be



On Wed, 6 Jun 2007, Gerhard Kulzer wrote:

> Because somebody was willing to contribute and couln't find out how :-)
> There is a new paragraph on our website www.digikam.org/?q=contrib giving some
> information to users wanting to contribute to the documentation.
> Gerhard

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