[Digikam-devel] [Bug 146288] Face detection / recognition for digikam

Christian Weiske cweiske at cweiske.de
Sun Jun 3 20:25:44 BST 2007

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What I understood so far about opencv:
- There are two things: Face detection and face recognition. The first is to actually detect the position and region of a face, or all the faces on the photo. The second is to recognize the face at the detected region and say who it is. This needs a training set.

The simple / first thing I think should be implemented is face detection and face outline display in digikam. The user OR a program would say where the the faces are (e.g. user could select a frame as done for selection now), and digikam would store this information somewhere in the database. Further, a tag shall be associatable to that selected region (that would not only allow faces, but other details to be selected - as flickr allows it). This way, you can use a person name/tag and tag photo regions.

The second is face recognition. With the things implemented in the first point, it should be possible to extract the faces/regions from already tagged photos and train the face recognitioner. Untagged regions could then be sent to the recognition engine/script and be tagged automatically after.

So in short: Digikam first needs a way to tag/describe regions of an image. I think rectangles should be fine, no need to make it complicated and support circles or even AND OR and whatnot. After this, even outside scripts can be used to facedetect and recognition.

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