[Digikam-devel] rfe: show age depending on age,

cedric briner work at infomaniak.ch
Wed Jul 18 12:54:25 BST 2007


I was thinking about a feature to add to digikam.

What if Digikam shows the age of a person (a wedding...) on the picture 
depending on a tag or depending of a folder. Like for eg. we add the 
metadata saying that he/she is born in 1/1/200 on the tag "joe" or on 
the folder "alice". And then digikam can caculate the age by 
substracting the birthday to the date on the image contained in the exif.

Sound's really cool !!

Imagine this particular scenario (which could happen to anyone soon :) )

   you just become a new father, and since that time you are taking too 
many pictures of your son/daughter.
   And then when you rewatch them, you realize that you already forgot 
how old he/she was at that time (God damn, how is it possible to forgot 
such thing :) ).

 From there you can imagine:
you ask Digikam to find all the pictures of "Joe" and ask it to show it 
in a age fashion.

   Something that have to be think is how people would like them to be
   classified in the time. Because, don't forget that usually person,
   have a view of life where the milestone are small when the person is

    at the beginning you give the age by day ( up to one week)
    0 , 1, 2..7 day

    then by week (I think up to 6 month)
    1, 2, 3.. ~30

    then by month (up to 24)

    then by half year (...)

    and then by year (...)

Thanks for your reading, and tell me your impressions.



Geneva - Switzerland

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