[Digikam-devel] [Bug 147882] startup of digikam is very slow. Can take up to 5 minutes!

bert at bertenselena.net bert at bertenselena.net
Mon Jul 16 14:43:03 BST 2007

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Hello  Giles, Fabian

Thank you for your mail. I'm sorry to hear NFS is not supported by
What other options for network storage do you recommend? Would samba
smb be a better choice? (I had that a long time ago, but samba mounts
didn't work well with laptop-suspend back then.)

Giles: What do you mean with "planned to do it". Do you have some
specific info on what I can be looking forward to?

Fabian: my link is 802.11g. I do not really have problems with the
speed while watching/working on the pictures. Only the database access
is terribly slow. (for reference: I have about 8000 photos now)
Opening is definitely minutes of work, but also deleting an album is
painful. I will try the nolock option, but I remember vaguely that
openoffice had trouble with that.

Finally: Yes, I backup daily with dirvish, but actually I find
rebuilding the entire database not even that slow compared to the
above mentioned problems;-)



16 Jul 2007 09:14:25 -0000, Fabien <fabien.ubuntu gmail com>:
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