[Digikam-devel] [Bug 147750] Crash SIGSEGV every time I want to scan my HD

Sun Wukong sun.wukong at rx3.net
Wed Jul 11 00:03:39 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From sun.wukong rx3 net  2007-07-11 01:03 -------
I tried the same HD on another platform : Sempron2400/512Mo
It took ages. The scanning (was it ?) was veeeerrrrrry long (several hours). The PC was unusable as it seems all the CPU was dedicated to the process. To save power, I shutted down the CRT. 
When I noticed the main HD LED wasn't flashing anymore, I had a look but there were nothing to see : no more digiKam windows (nor process), no crash window. Just a Konsole session and a Konqueror instance that were already there.

I'll make some test next week, as follow :
* copy the picture on another HD (USB or IDE)
* run digikam on that copy. "Unfortunatly" it seems there's no way to scan only a folder and that the whole device is to be scanned. Is that right ?

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