[Digikam-devel] [Bug 147597] Typos in the digiKam KDE3 PO file

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Fri Jul 6 10:53:49 BST 2007

Some more details:
To find the right file one option is to use the command
find  -name "*.cpp" -type f -exec grep "Already assigned" {} /dev/null \;

This restricts the search to all *.cpp files and finds
the string "Already assigned" recursively from the current directory.
So if you have a svn checkout of the code, you could start
from the `graphics/digikam directory.
The matching files and the corresponding line will be shown.
For the example above I get
  QToolTip::add(d->assignedTagsBtn, i18n("Already assigned tags"));
Then you could call `emacs ./libs/imageproperties/imagedescedittab.cpp &`
(or whatever your preferred editor is ;-), go to that
line and change it.

Finally, to create a patch file with all changes, the command is
  svn diff > text_changes.patch

Hope I got it all right, and that it helps - please
don't hesitate to ask. Anyway, this round Frank will take
care of the changes (thanks!).

Best, Arnd

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