[Digikam-devel] Question regarding upcoming 0.9.1 release

Oliver oliver at doerr-privat.de
Wed Feb 28 10:09:32 CET 2007

Gerhard Kulzer schrieb:
> Am Sunday 25 February 2007 schrieb Oliver Dörr:
>> Gerhard Kulzer wrote:
>>> Am Sunday 25 February 2007 schrieb Oliver Dörr:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> just a short question regarding the 0.9.1 release. Are there any plans
>>>> to release also the manuals? If so, when is  the string freeze for the
>>>> manuals planned?
>>>> Oliver
>>> Yes, there are so many changes to digiKam that we need to release the
>>> manuals, even if the last things has not been discribed yet.
>>> I plan to work on it until Tuesday night, 27th and than freeze it. The
>>> i18n team is informed.
>> That leaves 5 days for translation and proof readiung. I'm not sure if
>> we could deliver german manuals on time. We will see.
>> Oliver
> Dear Oliver and other translators.
> I just commited digikam.docbook to svn. I hope it's not too late for you poor 
> translators who always come in last... 
> I really worked hard to get it out the door... and it's not perfect. I believe 
> if you need a few more days than the 0.9.1 final release, that will be 
> alright, the packagers need their time too (except Achim).

Hi Gerhard,

i have still 200 strings open. So i don't think that i could deliver a  
translation this weekend. What's about the idea that the handbooks will 
be release one week later? They could also be packaed seperately


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