[Digikam-devel] striung freeze for 0.9.1

Oliver Dörr oliver at doerr-privat.de
Sat Feb 24 20:18:17 CET 2007


just a short question. Are we in string freeze at the moment? At far as 
i know yes and the 0.9.1 release is planned for feb, 25th,

I'll get one or two new fuzzies per day at the moment. This is not 
helpful during string freeze. It's hard to keep digikam at 100% 
translated. Every change has to be translated/checked by the translators 
and aftertaht it will be checked again by the proofreader.

After that it will be checked in SVN. So we need a few days without 
string changes before a release. Otherwise you won't get a translation. 
Just frustrated translators!!!!


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