[Digikam-devel] [Bug 136643] showfoto can open CRW, but not shown in file dialogue

simon at margo.student.utwente.nl simon at margo.student.utwente.nl
Sun Dec 30 09:43:12 GMT 2007

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------- Additional Comments From simon margo student utwente nl  2007-12-30 10:43 -------
Before I reopen this, or create a new bugreport for digikam 0.9.3. I now find that in digikam, the "open with..." item in the right-mouse menu is empty for my .ARW files. I thought this has something to do with the KDE file associations (which are hard to find these days, since the control is not in kubuntu system settings), but I wasn't able to change the mime settings to get the right behaviour. I would like to be able edit my .ARW files using the Gimp and getting this in a right-mouse menu would make this easy from digikam. 

I'm starting to use digikam more and more for all my photo related operations, but as I run into problems, I find I ran into similar problems before ;-)

Perhaps this is more a support question than a new bug/feature, unless there is no answer. Is it possible to make this option appear in the "open with..." sub-menu, and if it is, how can this be done?



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