[Digikam-devel] kipi-plugins 0.1.5 rc1

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Sat Dec 29 19:00:26 GMT 2007

We've finally found the time to release new kipi-plugins 0.1.5 rc1.
You can download them on SF:
or from our site http://www.kipi-plugins.org (as soon as it is updated).

General        : Added the availability to disable plugins we don't want to build.
               :   This feature is very useful for source based distros (Matej Laitl)
PrintWizard    : Added raw file management, now raw files can be printed.
SlideShow      : Solved minor issue in filename printing (2D slideshow).
SlideShow      : New caching mechanism
SlideShow      : Added Ken Burns effect
Calendar       : Fixed recurring events not showing (only first date was showed)
	       : Setting special events only once (before printing), instead of
	       :   one for every page

BUG FIXED from B.K.O (http://bugs.kde.org):
001 ==> 149666 : General      : iPod Export kipi plugin cannot be disabled at compile 
                                time when libgpod is present on system.
002 ==> 151604 : PrintWizard  : Print Wizard does not recognize raw images.
003 ==> 102021 : SlideShow    : Pan and Zoom on Slideshow viewing (not a transition) 
                                a la iPhoto.
004 ==> 151578 : BatchProcess : Popup window says "Cannot run properly 'convert' program 
                                from 'ImageMagick' package" but it seems fine.
005 ==> 152210 : BatchProcess : Metadata lost when converting from png to jpeg (IPTC 
                                thumbnail too big).
006 ==> 152215 : GPSSync      : GPS correlator starts too many kio_thumbnail processes.
007 ==> 149491 : GPSSync      : GPS correlator GPSSYNC do_not admit GMT+5h30 (India).
008 ==> 150114 : GPSSync      : Max time gap is limited to 999 or 2000 seconds.
009 ==> 154244 : ImageViewer  : SHIFT triggers help dialog.

Kipi site:    www.kipi-plugins.org
Mailing list: kde-imaging at kde.org
IRC:          #kde-imaging on freenode

Enjoy you kipi,
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