[Digikam-devel] video metadata support: req. guidance

Daniel Zuberb├╝hler dani at zubinet.org
Thu Dec 13 17:08:35 GMT 2007

Hello everyone!

I use digikam since a long time for all my pictures, and in general I'm quite 
happy with the direction of development. Digikam is IMHO by far the best 
opensource photo management software. Thanks a lot!

Lately I started taking more and more videoclips with my digicam. I manage the 
clips together with the pictures, but here digikam shows still some 
weaknesses. The biggest problem for me is that metadata like capture date or 
associated digikam tags are not stored in the video files and consequently 
can get lost. Especially the missing capture date can be very annoying 
because the chronological order of the videos gets lost.

So I decided to look for a solution. When I download the clips from my camera, 
I convert them to mpeg4/mp3/avi. Additionally I saved the capture date (the 
file timestamp) in the comment tag of the avi file. Of course digikam is not 
aware of this, but at least I will still be able to extract the information 
when digikam supports video metatags in a future stage.

Are there any plans to support video file metatags or is even someone 
implementing it already?
If not, I would be willing to contribute, if someone gives me a starting point 
and some guidance.


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