[Digikam-devel] [Bug 151228] Whish: Skip / ingore RAW when corresponding JPG exists

Christian Mayer bug at christianmayer.de
Tue Dec 4 08:51:54 GMT 2007

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------- Additional Comments From bug christianmayer de  2007-12-04 09:51 -------
You are right, the grouping of pictures could also solve this whish (and is even more generalized, I like it)

But grouping offers a new problem: in a slide show or for generating tumbnails only one picture of the group should be taken, as I want to see only the JPG and not the RAW (for duplication and performance reasons).
But in a general group (e.g. for pictures taken during a short period of time, multiple JPGs that were processed differently from one RAW, source pictures for panorama stiching, etc.) I problably want to see all pictures of that group during screening or a slide show.
So the generalisation brakes here :(

So please implement grouping for its general usefullness. But also implement the treatment of JPG and RAW as one picture if both share the same name in the same folder (digiKam should use only the JPG internally but offer both for working with external programms, e.g. by two entries in the context menu)

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