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Hi all,

This is a message forwarded from libtiff mailing list about the DNG file
format witch will be adopted like ISO standard. It a great news...


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Hello, just to inform all the digital camera RAW developers out here.
Sorry for any duplication.

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as a member of the ISO TC42 (technical committee for photography)
working group 18 (electronic imaging) standards group I would like to
inform you that the existing Tiff/EP (ISO 12234) standard for images
captured by digital cameras is currently under revision.

The Adobe DNG format was derived from this standard and the group has
Adobe's permission to incorporate modifications and developments made
for DNG in the new standard.

In addition the standards group is asking all interested people for
comments and requirements - which are not part of the current DNG or
Tiff/EP standard - to be incorporated in the new standard.
If you have such please forward them to me by the end of April.

Hopefully we will soon be able to provide a standardized file format
which meets everybody's expectations and gets a wide support by camera
manufacturers, software vendors, and photographers.

Please forward this message to everybody who may have contributions to
the revision.

Best regards
Dietmar Wueller

Image Engineering
Dietmar Wueller
Augustinusstr. 9d
50226 Frechen

phone +49 2234 912141
fax +49 2234 912142
d.wueller at ivent.de

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