[Digikam-devel] [Bug 140131] No zoom in image preview

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Thu Apr 12 10:46:21 CEST 2007

> >(Only clicking onto the thumb in the album view does not bring up
> >the preview mode, while F3/F4 still work)
> This behaviours can be set in Config dialog.

I know, and it is set to "show embedded preview",
but it does not work anymore!
(I.e., can you reproduce this?)

> >Two minor questions:
> >- would it technically be possible to have the current percentage
> >  displayed as a small transient window, also
> >  when using the +  - buttons and the CTRL- mousewheel?
> just move the mouse cursor over the zoom slider on status bar,
> you will see the zoom factor value like a tool tip.

Yes, I know, but would it be possible to display a small
tool tip also when using the + - buttons and the mousewheel?

> >- would it technically be possible to make the 100% view
> >  as one step in the sequence of possible zoom values?
> >  (Neither with CTRL+- or CTRL mousewheel I manage to get to that value)
> >  Presumably the answer to this is the following:
> >  The reason is of course that one starts from a view which
> >  fits the available space, leading to a certain percentage.
> >  Increasing the zoom, a factor gets multiplied onto the current zoom
> >  percentage in each step. Now the 100% is usually not in this
> >  sequence of numbers.
> >  Actually, I just realized, that it is even not possible
> >  to get back to the initial "fit to the available space"
> >  once one went to the borders (10% or 1200%) of the zoom-range.
> Like a keyboard shorcut, yes, it possible...

Yes, that's a **much** better solution.

> If you know a standard shorcut to toogle on 100% zoom factor, let's me hear...

gqview uses:
"Z" Zoom 1:1
"X" Zoom to fit

If these where added to the View menu entry (greyed out when
not in preview mode), the user could easily find them.

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