[Digikam-devel] GPS coordinate accuracy

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Fri Nov 24 15:26:43 GMT 2006


when specifying a location with the new
"Edit geographical coordinates" tool   (Brilliant, BTW!!)
on the best zoom-level,
this leads to coordinates like
51.02370121634948, 13.710897266864777
Assigning this to the image and checking
the location with "google maps", "more info"
leads to "51.0235,13.7103333333"
which is off by several meters.

So at some point either not enough digits are saved
or they get lost during conversions?

Should I create a BKO entry?

Two more remarks:
- Could one also use this widget with the map
  in the GPS Info Tab?
- In the GPS Info Tab in the sidebar of digikam the
  location is given as 54'1.41''.
  Why not just use the decimal variant here as well?

Best, Arnd

P.S.: Yes, I am able to access bugs.kde.org,
but only with the trick of using https://bugs.kde.org.
We seem to be blocked from the  http://bugs.kde.org
(Anyone ever heard about something like this before ??)

P.P.S.: and yes, I followed Gilles advice and
did an upgrade (of one machine) to debian etch and
therefore use KDE 3.5.5 on that machine ;-)

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