[Digikam-devel] [Bug 103350] its too easy to save images

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 10:28:42 GMT 2006

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After reading all these comments and thinking about the versioning feature, now it's my turn to make a proposal :)

This is my suggestion about file versioning

1) requirements

Files created by digikam should be readable by any other software, it should just be valid JPEG, PNG or whatever files.

Versioning should not modify albums hierarchy by creating new visible directories (like Originals or something like that inside each album) or files.

Keep it simple :)

2) my proposed solution

Create .versions directory to store files in each album dir (if needed)
Use Versioning setting to be able to adjust the number of backups, so people can choose what they want :
- 0 => no backup, like now
- 1 => only the original is stored
- 2 => the original + latest modified image file is stored
- 3 => the original + the 2 latests modified image files are stored
- ...
- infinity => the original + all modified image files are stored

For a standard image file named img0001.jpg, name of backup file could be :
- img0001_orig.jpg to keep the original picture
- img0001_2006-11-23T16:40:45+0100.jpg
- img0001_2006-11-23T16:30:12+0100.jpg

with date : #date --iso=seconds
Eg :


But, before doing some versioning work, I wonder if it won't be a good thing to just add a warning when saving the file :
"Are you sure you want to overwrite file xxx ?"
Maybe before 0.9.0 final ?

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