[Digikam-devel] Usage of metadata editor dialog

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Mon Nov 20 18:06:23 GMT 2006

Dnia pon lis 20 2006, Gilles Caulier napisał:
> > 1. Isn't it possible to grey out empty textareas? It would give some
> >    unity of look for all empty fields.
> I think it's a bug in KDELib, especially in KTextEdit witch not grey-out
> widget if it's disable. If i use a QTexctEdit instead all work fine, but
> i can't use auto-completion and Spell-Checking in this case.

OK. So this is better to leave this as is in Digikam and file bug
against kdelibs (add to todo list...).
> > 2. Stuff with greying out of unchecked fields isn't clear. Content of
> When the Exif dialog is started, if a checkbox is unchecked,  the tag is
> not available in metadata.
> If you set on a checkbox, the tag will be add to metadata.
> If you set off a checkbox of an existing tag, this one will be removed
> from metadata.

OK. But I think this would be easier to understand if setting off
checkbox would immediately clear content of field - not greying out it.
Temporary disabling of it, only for time of "session" with current photo
- not even selection of photos - is confusing.

I understand you are immediately disabling widget with result of greying
out text. Please change it to: clear widget, disable next.

> > 4. Different implementation of mass editing between Exif and IPTC.
> >
> >    a) Choose four images.
> >    b) Edit Exif.
> >    c) Fill caption "asdf", and OK.
> >
> >    Only first image is described with "asdf". Repeat for IPTC, all
> >    four images will be described.
> Not reproductible here. Are you sure ?

Yes. Did you test it image by image, not selecting all images and going
through them with buttons?

> New option to set only Comments is availble on svn. This is the only way
> to have a clean up interface for mass editing Comments. Try it.

OK - I will try it. After a moment I think Comments is the only one
field which really needs that. Maybe also copyright related fields.


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