[Digikam-devel] Usage of metadata editor dialog

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Fri Nov 17 19:54:09 GMT 2006


Now, when crashes had gone away we can really use metadata editor.

1. Isn't it possible to grey out empty textareas? It would give some
   unity of look for all empty fields.
2. Stuff with greying out of unchecked fields isn't clear. Content of
   field will stay for "session" with current image but whey you OK
   changes it will be removed. What is a purpose of this checkbox?
   Probably I don't understand something.
3. Exif metadata syncing of User comments. Great, great, great :)
   *cough* Of course... *cough* ;)

   a) "sync with host application". Is it possible to put there real
      name? More user friendly.
   b) Beside IPTC option should be warning about ASCII limitation
   c) When I put some phrase there and edit later in Digikam comment
      field at the end, later return to Exif editor I see some garbage
      at the end of field. Only in Exif editor, in Digikam it is clean.
      Correction: even without editing in Digikam when I return to Exif
      editor I see garbage at the end.
   d) Syncing IPTC caption -> Exif and Digikam (host)? While this is
      definitely non interesting for non-ASCII users (and potentially
      disastrous) for English natives it may be interesting possibility
      (due to limitation it should be turned off by default)

4. Different implementation of mass editing between Exif and IPTC.

   a) Choose four images.
   b) Edit Exif.
   c) Fill caption "asdf", and OK.

   Only first image is described with "asdf". Repeat for IPTC, all
   four images will be described.

5. Different behaviour when some images had previous descriptions:

   a) You have four images: 1,2,3,4.
   b) Add caption to 1: "asdf".
   c) Add caption to 4: "qwer".
   d) Select all four images.
   e) Open editor, in 1 you see "asdf".
   f) Go to 2, you still see "asdf".
   g) Change caption to "zxcv".
   i) Go to 3. You still see "zxvc", similar behaviour to editing with
      empty fields, do nothing.
   j) Go to 4. You see "qwer".
   k) Click OK.

   You could expect captions will be: 
   	1:"asdf", 2:"zxcv", 3:"zxcv", 4:"qwer". 
   But no, there are:

   	1:"asdf", 2:"zxcv", 3:{empty}, 4:"qwer". 

   IMO 3 *should* be "zxcv".

   WARNING: you should check this going through images individually,
   when using multiple selection in caption will be value of previously
   visited caption (2->3, "zxcv"; 4->3, "qwer").

   Unfortunately I don't see good solution for this. Adding buttons
   beside fields: "Apply to all", "Apply to all empty" would be the best
   from functionality but it would have to be done for ALL buttons
   - horrible interface.



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