[Digikam-devel] [Bug 136855] Editing metadata on a few selected imagefiles and clicking forward or apply crashes digikam.

Andreas Huggel ahuggel at gmx.net
Wed Nov 8 07:29:23 GMT 2006

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------- Additional Comments From ahuggel gmx net  2006-11-08 08:29 -------
Yes, looks good - or bad, depending on the viewpoint. Thanks.

I'm going to write a test driver for the Exiv2Iface class now, which I can feed with a series of images. I'd like it to do something similar to what Geoff did manually. 

So, Geoff, what actions did you do in detail (just what you described in #26?)

Gilles, what series of calls to the interface does that translate to?


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