[Digikam-devel] [Bug 136927] Failed to download file DCP_4321.jpg. Do you want to continue? and when continue is clicked the same warning comes for the next image and so on. tnx.

ron sisron at operamail.com
Wed Nov 8 04:45:56 GMT 2006

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thanks for your reply,

I will expect no bugfixes, i am very happy with all things linux and take things the way they come but I would like to say this (don't know if it's helpful) but yesterday I started kubuntu edgy eft in live mode and i gave digikam a try and it worked (be it all in a virtual ramdisk, but anyway) and i think that was the 0.8.2 version aswell. 

when i clicked on the camera icon i was able to actually browse the contents of it, this is still in kubuntu edgy live, but when i do the same on one of the other linux's that i have installed on hd it will not let me do this. 

i will check to see if libgphoto2 is installed on any of the systems and if not i will install it and see how it goes then.

ronald brouwer

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