[Digikam-devel] [Bug 136897] THM files are not uploaded

Paul Waldo pwaldo at waldoware.com
Mon Nov 6 15:39:47 GMT 2006

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------- Additional Comments From pwaldo waldoware com  2006-11-06 16:39 -------
While a great deal of the EXIF data is duplicated in the CRW, some data is ONLY contained in the THM.  

I've attached two files, both generated from exiv2 using the commands 
"exiv2 -b -p i CRW_7141.CRW" and 
"exiv2 -b -p i CRW_7141.THM".  

You can tell just from the size that they are not identical, but if you do a more detailed comparison, you can see that there is important data missing in the CRW's EXIF data:
grep -a ISO CRW*.txt
CRW_7141.CRW.txt:0x0002 CanonSi      ISOSpeed         Short       1  192
CRW_7141.CRW.txt:0x0010 CanonCs      ISOSpeed         Short       1  0
CRW_7141.THM.txt:0x8827 Photo        ISOSpeedRatings  Short       1  200
CRW_7141.THM.txt:0x0010 CanonCs      ISOSpeed         Short       1  0
CRW_7141.THM.txt:0x0002 CanonSi      ISOSpeed         Short       1  192

Note that the THM contains ISOSpeedRatings, but the CRW does not

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