[Digikam-devel] [Bug 136742] Wish: modify Camera setting like owner's name

Stéphane Pontier shadow.walker at free.fr
Fri Nov 3 19:23:28 GMT 2006

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------- Additional Comments From shadow.walker free fr  2006-11-03 20:23 -------
I tried to modify the "On Fly Operations" to set the "defaut photographer identity" ang download an image taken with my camera.
- The camera has the owner name set to "Stephane" (with gtkam) has shown by gphoto2:
[shad uriel ~]$ gphoto2 --summary
Détection du 'Canon:PowerShot A95 (normal mode)'.
Résumé de l'appareil :

Identification de l'appareil :
  Modèle : Canon:PowerShot A95 (normal mode)
  Propriétaire : Stephane

État énergie : sur piles (énergie OK)

Information sur le disque Flash :
  Disque D:
      500'176 octets au total
      278'112 octets disponibles

Heure : 2006-11-03 20:10:48 (heure du PC +0 secondes)

- Digikam on this computer has default identity set to antoine

the picture downloaded by digikam has the IPTC ByLine field set to antoine, and the camera owner's name set to "Stephane"

[shad uriel Incoming]$ exiv2 -p i IMG_5114.JPG
Iptc.Application2.Byline                     String      7  antoine
[shad uriel Incoming]$ exiv2 -p v IMG_5114.JPG
0x0009 Canon        OwnerName                   Ascii      32  Stephane

the IPTC byline field had been set accordingly the "On Fly Operations" settings. But, to setup the makernote's metadata which is filed by the camera at the shoting time, I had to use gtkam.
This is this camera setting that I want to be able to modify from digikam.
that allow to set my camera owner name, the one of my friend too, and when we transfert pictures on the same computer, we know from which camera the picture was taken (both are same model).

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