[Digikam-devel] Help database format?? (old database format)

F.J.Cruz fj.cruz at supercable.es
Sat May 20 23:32:11 CEST 2006

El Sábado, 20 de Mayo de 2006 23:20, Florian Ehinger escribió:
> Hello,
> my problem is that digikam gives me the error that it could not convert my
> old database to the new version and exits. (see my old message)
> Do you have an idea which could be the problem, or can you give me a
> description of the digikam.db database so that I could check my current one
> if it is in the right format?
> As far as I know it is a sqlite database. So it would be very helpful if
> there is some document which describes the tables and fields.
> Thank you
>   Florian
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Digikam uses sqlite3. If you want a graphic tool to "see" digikam db, you can 
try with sqlitebrowser (http://sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net/).


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