[Digikam-devel] [Bug 118539] wish: lossless image-editor for JPEGs

Sebastian Roeder sebastian.roeder at uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Mar 22 11:54:54 CET 2006

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------- Additional Comments From sebastian.roeder uni-bielefeld de  2006-03-22 11:54 -------
I already had a lenghty discussion about this earlier with the digikam team.
I try to give a short summary of what it ended like.

The Image Editor (IE) of digikam works completely lossless internal - it's the file format jpg that produces the lossy compression. So if you want lossless, then save as png or tiff.

Speaking of the special case lossless crop for jpeg I know the that is possible my jpegtrans tools. If you want this feature implemented in digikam the right place wouldn't be IE (cause it is transparent for all image file formats) but a kipi-plugin (like the lossless rotate kipi-plugin). So this bug should then be against kipi-plugins. 

But be warned: the kipi-team is quite understuffed atm so there is not much going on. And I can't remember exactly whether the kipi-api must be extended for this case and how the whole thing could be integrated into IE (from the users perspective) also it is technically a kipi-plugin.

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