[Digikam-devel] [Bug 112799] Hierarchical tag selection on right pane does not work correctly

Thomas McGuire Thomas.McGuire at gmx.net
Tue Jun 27 15:01:17 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From Thomas.McGuire gmx net  2006-06-27 16:01 -------
Christian, I think you are talking about a different thing.
The left pane should indeed work like you described, e.g. selecting the Family tag also shows the Dad and Sister photos.

However, Chris is talking about the right pane, the tag filter.
Right now, it is not possible to use the tag filter to display photos of Family without Dad and Sister, and I think this is what this bug report is about.

Right now, the desired behaviour is only possible with the advanced search, which is very laborious in case Family has many sub-tags.

OK, I'll explain again what happens now and what should happen:


Select/Click the Family tag in the left pane. All Family photos, including Dad 
and Sister are shown, which is correct behaviour.


Open the right pane and tick the checkbox of the Family tag. Nothing should change, but now there should be black tickmarks on white ground on the checkboxes of Family, Dad and Sister. Correct Behaviour.


Untick the Dad checkbox. Photos of Dad are no longer shown. The tick of the Family checkbox is now black on grey ground. All correct.
BUG: Photos of Family only (no additional Dad or Sister tags) are suddenly no 
     longer shown. 


Untick the Sister checkbox.
BUG: The tick at the Family checkbox disappears completely, disabling the whole 
     tag filter. Instead, the Family checkbox should still show a black tick on 
     grey ground. Only the Family photos, without the Dad and Sister photos, 
     should be shown (Note that, additionally, the bug in step number 3 also 
     prevents this).

I hope I could make myself clear, and also hope I actually described what the original poster wanted to.

I also think that, for example, shift-clicking a tag on the left pane should show that tag without its sub-tags, thus preventing me to have to fiddle with the tag filter. But that would be an additonal bug report.

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