[Digikam-devel] Digikam patch - a little C++ help needed

Jens Benecke jens at spamfreemail.de
Sun Jun 25 12:29:29 BST 2006


I have prepared (together with Caulier Gilles) a patch that lets the user
configure the thumbnail and icon size used in Digikam's sidebars (for
album, tag, search and date views). This patch works fine, the only thing
missing is the ability to redraw the views when the user actually changes
the icon size - currently the new setting is only read after a restart of

I'm guessing I need to extend DigikamApp::slotSetupChanged() to loop over
all QListViewItems/QVBoxItems in each sidebar, calling setPixmap() with the
new icon for each one. But I'm not sure exactly how to do that, and whether
it's the best way. Maybe the Items can be designed in a way that they too
receive a size change signal and act "on their own"?.

Can anybody help?

Thank you!

Jens Benecke (jens at spamfreemail.de)
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