[Digikam-devel] [Bug 126086] Besides the basic and full exif info I would like a page with selectable fields

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at free.fr
Fri Jun 23 23:43:19 BST 2006

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I'm not agree to use this way becaus it will take space in side bar. We are limited... Also settings must be out of application to be unconfuse with user. This is why we use a setup page for all settings.

Also, your solution is not enough. digikam need to follow Exiv2 features, witch drive metadata tags. The list of tags isn't frozen and continue to be discovered (Makernotes).

For that, we need a new page in setup dialog, witch display all tags available  in Exiv2 (Exif, IPTC, Makernote, and in the future XMP). Using tabs is the right way to optimize space in dialog page. 

In this setup, Exiv2 need to be called to get the list of tags available in the version installed on the computer. We display a list with check buttons for all items. When the user valid the setup, the config is recorded in digikamrc file. and used by the sidebar

2 new buttons must be added on the top of sidebar : one to call directly this setup page, a second to display only the users configuration of metadata tags.

But, JensB, this implementation can be long, and complicated. This is why i have delayed this task later than 0.9.0 final.

I recommend you to look in TODO file the tasks to complete to finalize this version before to try to add new features... Choise the most easy task to limit the depencies on the current implementation. I'm sure that there are some easy jobs to do into B.K.O files. We are in 0.9.0-beta1 finalization. Take a care.

Thanks in advance for your help


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