[Digikam-devel] [Bug 129523] editing images in other programs (e.g.: gimp)

Dennis Gnad bluedrago at web.de
Thu Jun 22 14:38:15 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From bluedrago web de  2006-06-22 15:38 -------
> Well, I fear, it would be difficult to monitor, wether the external 
> program is still running.  And what happens, when you close digikam 
> in the meanwhile?

It doesn't has to be monitored if the external program is running or not. Digikam will offer you a dialog.
And, if digikam is closed, the image stays at it's place (somewhere in the homedir) and digikam will ask to import it again, at the next time it starts up, it then would have to save which picture was the original one it came from

> I often have different versions of an image.  The original file, a 
> somehow enhanced image, an other one cropped and resized for the 
> web, one printed, ... 

Yeah, me too! And sometimes even a subdirectory which has batch-process-scaled images..


Maybe all that stuff with external programs doesnt has to be done, when the picture can be added as a "sub-picture" of another, and then will maybe also get the same date,exif,etc. from the picture it belongs to?

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