[Digikam-devel] [Bug 128462] EXIF Info is empty, in picture properties dialog only the exif-tag names are show, no values shown

Peter Yellman peter.yellman at webformation.com
Mon Jun 5 21:53:25 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From peter.yellman webformation com  2006-06-05 22:53 -------
>If you have a picture with this problem, please post it

As above, all pictures have this problem (in Digikam).  I have pictures from at least 5 different digital cameras in my Digikam collection, none are showing exif info.

>The problem can be in libexif or libkexif.

Right - is there anyway I can help narrow it down to just one?

dpkg -l libexif12
ii  libexif12          0.6.13-4           library to parse EXIF files
dpkg -l libkexif1
ii  libkexif1          0.2.3-1            library for KDE to read/display/edit 

Other programs which depend on libexif12 (such as exif) can display exif info, and programs which depend on libkexif1 (such as showimg) also can show exif info. Also, Konqueror displays exif metadata.  showFoto, obviously, is failing to show exif info.

It may be coincidence only, but I noticed some generalized "font weirdness" on my desktop and in some programs in the same session as when this problem with Digikam cropped up, fairly soon after apt-get update.  As I thought Digikam might have an problem actually displaying the text, I looked into my font configuration and it was the first time I noticed that display/use of bitmap fonts is now turned off by default in fontconfig (30-debconf-no-bitmaps.conf --> no-bitmaps.conf).  I understand this is a fairly recent change, and it may have been the first time I was using the version where bitmaps are off by default.  I toggled that setting a couple of times, finally leaving it on because I still want bimapped fonts.

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