[Digikam-devel] [Bug 131532] Minolta exception code can break EXIF rotation

Sven Coenye scoenye at compaqnet.be
Mon Jul 31 21:29:57 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From scoenye compaqnet be  2006-07-31 22:29 -------
The backtrace indicates the crash occurs at

Exiv2::ExifKey minoltaKey1("Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Rotation");

Creating the key calls ExifKey::decomposeKey() which validates the key parts. It can't find "MinoltaCs7D" in its IfdInfo lookup table and throws the exception. MinoltaCs5D is not valid either, so that one suffers the same fate.

This change was introduced in Exiv2 0.7. Exiv2 0.5 did not throw an exception in this case. Exiv2 0.6 is a bit in between: it doesn't throw an exception when a name isn't found, but it can throw one if it can't turn the name in a MakerNote.

Exiv2 0.10 introduces the Minolta names in the lookup table as Makernote while the Image tag would return IFD0. I'll try to compile and run with this one, but I'm out of time for today :/

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