[Bug 120501] smart rotation (first keystroke 90°, second keystroke 180°)

Kusi kusi at forum.titlis.org
Thu Jul 27 14:19:31 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From kusi forum titlis org  2006-07-27 15:19 -------
I'm talking about the JPEGLossLess plugin in album-view. In my personal opinion, the rendering/loading of IE is still too slow, therefore I don't use IE for image preparation. I think, IE is not made for quick and simple image processing but for time consuming image impromements. Therefore I dont't think it's necessary to implement this in IE.

PS: on a sidenote, Gilles, I'm the guy who was talking about the slideshow plugin on IRC. Sorry I don't have much time for digikam right now, hopefully that will change. I already implemented threaded image preloading and texture downloading to GPU for several preloaded images. It's already much more useable than the existing  slideshow, but not yet ready to showcase.

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