[Digikam-devel] [Bug 131269] Thumbnails aren't saved / cached; Thumbnails aren't auto-generated

Mats Ahlgren ahlgren at mit.edu
Mon Jul 24 10:28:10 BST 2006

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Oh hmm, that's very odd. Thanks for the debugging clues Gilles.
These are my sleuthing results:

1) Thumbnails are indeed saved immediately. I did "ls | wc -l" on the ~/.thumbnails/normal directory. I also discovered why I thought that digiKam doesn't save thumbnails: thumbnails are lost when you move pictures into new albums (unsolved wishlist bug 94562).

Result: OK

2) By doing "ls | wc -l", I discovered that thumbnails were only created when digiKam tried to display them. I still need to scroll down through my album to generate thumbnails, and have searched and searched for a "genete all thumbnails for album" button or contextual menu entry, but cannot find one.

Result: Bug (it seems)

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