[Digikam-devel] 0.9.0-beta1 packages for testing

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Thu Jul 20 08:23:36 BST 2006

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 23:22, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> > > DigikamImagePlugins no. .configure report that dimg.h file is not
> > > avaialble (i have installed digiKam before... of course). I will fix
> > > it... an header file from DImg API is not installed properlly... My fix
> > > will require to rebuild both package. Sorry (:=)))
> > >
> > > Else, i have checked all other files. Changelog, and others stuff are
> > > right excepted the .lsm not updated in DigikamImagePlugins. I will do
> > > it.
> >
> > All is fixed now in svn. Can you rebuild the packages ?
> Sure. I have just replaced the old packages with new ones. These are not
> test-compiled, because I just created them and it's too late now for me to
> wait for gcc. Hope it works!
> Marcel

All packages compile fine now. Great work !!!

Marcel it time to tag svn now. I have a big patch to commit about camera gui 
and i'm waiting that svn is tagged like beta1 before to do it (see B.K.O 

Also, the packages can be uploaded to sourceforge.net area (if there is no bad 
feedback today from others user). have you an account into sf.net to do it ?


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