[Digikam-devel] [Bug 131034] Display a mini-review of the photo currently transfered, i.e better visual feedback

Marcus Meissner marcus at jet.franken.de
Thu Jul 20 07:33:55 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From marcus jet franken de  2006-07-20 08:33 -------
Well, it would be possible in generalal if the libgphoto instance is open,
but this is not a common use case ;)

There is camera driver support (info.file.status == GP_FILE_STATUS_DOWNLOADED)
when (info.file.fields & GP_FILE_INFO_STATUS) is set, but only the Canon
camera driver supports this.
Other camera classes do not store such information.

- Check name, filesize and filetime ... those are querieable from the camera
  without retrieving the full image. 
- You could also retrieve EXIF information and compare this blob with the
  one on-disk already.

(to be really really sure you have to check md5sums though ;)

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