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Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sat Jan 28 14:03:41 CET 2006

Op woensdag 25 januari 2006 11:25, schreef fj.cruz at supercable.es:
> these are my conclusions:

Thanks for summarizing Paco, saves me time reading ;-)

> If an app wants to be a wide-use tool, for a large range of users, it can't
> promote a particular file format. It can neither force to use, as default,
> a particular format, but to allow to the user to set his own choice. As
> develop team, we have to try that the level support for all formats, are
> similars. We have to find the balance between the developers think about
> what is technicaly the best and what the user wants/needs: probably, a
> standar user won't want his photos in png format (altought it's the best) 
> if the Photo Labs waits for JPEG's or TIFF's files.

We must not forget that a lot of our userbase just want to organise their 
pictures and give slideshows to their neighboors. We must not force them to 
convert their jpegs to something else. We must keep the interface accessible 
for all users. If we can create features for professional users as well, 
without confusing the avarage user: great. But a part of our strength is in 
the simplicity of using digiKam.

> We haven't to forget to 
> provide with metadata read/write ability to digiKam. I think it's a feature
> in great demand.

Yes, but we need to do that smart. I dont think we should simply add every 
meta format there is to digiKam. Pick one and do it right, but I dont think 
we should do it on our own, it should be a extragear/graphics wide or even 
kde wide library.

> As Gilles used to say: my 10 €cnt. :-). I hope it's usefull.

My 0,02, so we are now on 32 cents, right?

> PD.: excuse my poor English.

No need to.

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