[Digikam-devel] [Bug 117115] Automatically rotate/flip using camera-provided information (EXIF) modifies image contents

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sun Feb 5 01:15:01 CET 2006

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Op zondag 5 februari 2006 00:24, schreef Thorsten Schnebeck:
> > Le Samedi 4 Février 2006 22:20, Sebastian Röder a écrit :
> > > Issues like described in this bug report are from my point of view an
> I would like to second Gilles.
> First a comment to rotation and JPG: Every better photoviewer supports the
> EXIF rotation flag. So if you use or can correct the rotation flag there is
> no need to have an active rotation or a special jpeg lossless rotation
> (that digiKam also supports, when it knows the filetype) at all.
> The only thing you have to know when working with digiKam is, that when you
> use the IE you work with raw picture data like in every other graphic
> editor (e.g. gimp, krita, cinepaint, photoshop) The problem is not a
> limitation of the IE - its the other way round. If the IE could only
> manipulate JPGs I would not use digiKam any longer.
> You use the wrong format - its simple as that. You have to understand that
> JPG is an im- & export format. Do not use it in a complex workflow if you
> have high quality demands. JPG as a lossy format is designed for transport
> - that why you can find it in every camera and every photo web service. Its
> minimize the level of storage and bandwidth. These are  expense factors for
> digicams and web services. But when it come to quality you will not find
> jpeg any longer, then RAW, Tiff and PNG rules.
> But you really see a visual difference when watching JPEGs written with 99%
> quality settings from the IE?
> I also think there is one limitation with JPEG and IE: The quality setting
> should be visible and adjustable in the "save as" dialog when using a lossy
> file format. The simple save comand is dangerous. I hear too often that
> people lose image details cause they used to use a 65%-75% default JPEG
> quality setting for web and slideshows.

Hi Thorsten, 

I think we all agree. Now my proposal for this problem:

	Remove the auto-rotate feature from the camera download dialog. 

We can display them rotated, so the auto-rotate feature is not needed and 
looses data.



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