[Digikam-devel] digikam project and kdevelop - questions

Peter Heckert lists at hphsite.de
Fri Apr 21 23:55:06 CEST 2006


here I am again. I was near to giving up, but finally I installed Fedora 
core 5 instead of Kanotix/Debian
and now the debugger is working ok in kdevelop.

I can compile and debug the whole project, but I still cannot compile a 
subproject e.g. noisereduction.
So compiling and installing is very timeconsuming.

I do this:
Open the automake manager. Goto noisereduction and click right mousebutton.
A contextmenu opens and gives several options. I choose "Build".
Then a Messagebox appears, saying:
"There is no Makefile in this directory. Run configure first?"

Ok, I know, there is a Makefile in this directory. When I invoke it from 
then the subproject alone is compiled and when I invoke "sudo make 
install" then the plugin
alone is installed, and the full timeconsuming compilation- and 
installation process is avoided.

However, when I do this from console then I dont get compiler messages 
into kdevelops
message window and so I cannot jump into the editor, when there was an 
compiling error.
What is missing here?

Another question: Debugging is ok, but the debugger is rather slow. I 
believe, this is,
because the whole application is compiled with debugging option. The 
symbol table is too large.
Is there a way to compile only the plugin with debug option?
Or, if not, can I strip debug symbols from the digikam executable, and 
how can I do this?

I dont know if my version of kdevelop still has a problem. This is what 
I have:

Qt: 3.3.5
KDE: 3.5.1-2.3 Red Hat
KDevelop: 3.3.1



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