[Digikam-devel] [Bug 102032] wish: rating system for photos, show/hide/sort by rating

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Sun Dec 18 10:21:16 CET 2005

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------- Additional Comments From gerhard kulzer net  2005-12-18 10:21 -------
Well, the 5 star rating is implemented in 0.9 alpha, great.
I want to come back to the old issue of wanting to hide private pictures from view. My typical use case is this:
I want to show my pictures (and digikam) to somebody by zooming around in date view. I don't want to show pictures that I consider sensitive/private for whatever reason. There should be an easy mechanism to filter out these images that have been marked as such be me.
The goal is not to protect those from access by anybody on my login, that is taken care of by the normal file system access rights. I just want to hide them from view in digiKam when I want so. 
Possible implementations: a) group all those pictures in one album and mark it 'hidden' with a dot in front. This works only from the filebrowser. A dot introduced by digiKam doesn't hide the album. And I don't want all those photos in 1 album. On top of it, in date view or tag view they will show up again.
b) create a public tag, mark all but those public and allow only public tags from the right sidebar selection. This works, but I have to tag 50 times more pictures (ratio public to hidden=50 to 1) than if I could mark the private ones instead. And all new images have to be tagged too, it's the world upside-down!
c) use the new ranking scheme to mark private photos. For example, there could be kind of an additional 6th 'private star' in the ranking, say a red star, that indicates 'private'. In order to keep the ranking scheme for private photos as well, this 6th star could be an 8 bit offset that can be easily filtered. Then there should be a 'hide private images' entry in the view menu.

Thank you very much for considering my wish :-)

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