[Digikam-devel] Is it save to use 0.8?

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at free.fr
Wed Aug 3 17:01:26 CEST 2005

Le Mercredi 3 Août 2005 11:32, Tom Albers a écrit :
> Op woensdag 3 augustus 2005 00:29, schreef Thomas Müller:
> > Then a list with 188 items i deleted with digikam a short time ago. Maybe
> > when i delete things with digikam 0.73 they dont get deleted in the
> > database all the time?
> Probably not if you have deleted them outside digiKam, but kept the folder
> itself.
> > Ah, and yet another bug i found, i have a picture, that makes digikam0.8
> > crash[1] on scanning. First time i scanned, it always crashed at 71% of
> > "updating new images" i think. I moved some of the folders and after an
> > hour i isolated the foto, that makes it crash. Its a 5kb version of a
> > photo that in the large version doesnt make any problems. Whenever i have
> > this foto in my Image-directory, digikam crashes now at "scanning new
> > images". Due to the privat nature of the photo i cant send it to you, but
> > if you tell me what to look for, i can examine the problem further. [2]
> Compile with ./configure --enable-debug and send the backtrace when it
> crashes.
> > When i start digikam and copy it to my folders, digikam wont display at
> > all,   not even a thumbnail, but "kio_digikamalbu" - process stays on
> > forever.
> Please check if the thumbnail is visible in konqueror for that file.
> > Do Bugs in 0.8 belong here on in Bug-List?
> You can post them here untill there is an alfa or beta release.

Yes, post your report in this ML until digikam will  be toogle in beta 1...

Tom, i'm out of my office during 2 weeks. My IT connexion is limited to simple 
RTC from my laptop. but, i have completed my job for 0.8.0 on digikam core 
and image plugins. I'm ready to toogle on beta1 !

And you ? joern ? renchi ?


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