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Thu Jan 13 02:56:00 CET 2011

Hi Mutlu,
I've finished checking over Issue 161, and it all looks good to me (and i've fixed the issue you mailed me about earlier!)

To help all the editors, i'm going to try and give some feedback whenever I see things that (I sometimes forget that some things aren't obvious, since i've been doing the Digest by myself for so long!)

* In the synopsis, I fixed the capitalisation of some words / projects (like git > Git, and so on) 
* I removed a few more of Nuno's icon commits (there were about 12 when 4 shows the progress there nicely)

For everyone
* Something I do is quickly scan read all the commits of a Digest (doing this using the preview link helps!), and format the commit messages to make them easier to read (without changing the text). This means putting new sentences onto new lines, fixing really obvious typos and just general cleanups.

Other than that, great work!

Mutlu, I've set you as editor for this Digest issue - feel free to change it to published if you are happy with it!
I have already sent off the Dot story, it should appear about a day after Issue 160 shows there.

Many thanks,

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Hi Mutlu,
Great news, i'll check it out now and try and get it published!


p.s. There already is a preview function, see button in the top right of the Digest management UI :D

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Dear team,

The digest #161 is ready to go. I had another email exchange with Jaroslaw and he approved the feature article with minor corrections. I injected it into the digest and added some markup language. I am not quite sure about my choice of markup for headings, though. I have distinguished them by adding <p> and <b>. which may or may not be ugly. Danny, could you have a look at it? In the future, a preview function for the digest would be awesome, also for verifying the correctness of the markup.

In other news, Ganesh has agreed to write the feature article on the change tracking branch in KOffice/Calligra. If someone wants to coordinate another feature article, I think it would be great, if it was something other then KOffice/Calligra, as it seems we will have two article on the suite back to back already. How about the plasma transport applet? Or recycling some of the blog posts on the move from HAL to UDEV?



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> Hi all,
> I have finished recategorizing the commits and deleting
> those with low informational value. They are down to 189. I
> am quite happy with this selection.
> I have also reworked the synopsis. It has grown quite a bit
> due to my intense reading of the commit messages.
> The only think lacking right now is the feature article. I
> had already rescheduled the article on Predicate to match
> the date of this digest. The article itself is in an o.k.
> state. However, I am waiting on Jaroslaw's verdict about
> whether it is accurate. Once I get his response, this digest
> issue should be ready to go.
> Of course, more eyes are always helpful. So if you have
> nothing better to do (such as working on digest #162 (no one
> seems to have done anything about it yet) or on a new
> feature (all it takes is emailing someone, have a look at
> the "feature" function)), feel free to go over my work and
> deride me. :P
> Cheers,
> mutlu
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> > Hi folks,
> > 
> > I started on the synopsis of the digest #161. We still
> need
> > to weed out some of the selected commits. Right now,
> there
> > are 245 and quite some are miscategorized (or,
> rather,
> > categorized inconsistently).
> > 
> > I'll try to continue working on this tomorrow or the
> day
> > after.
> > 
> > Best,
> > 
> > mutlu
> > 
> > 
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