AW: Digest Issue 160 - ready to go live

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Tue Jan 11 20:13:27 CET 2011

Hey all,

I just saw that the new digest has been published. Congratulations, Vladislav and everyone else! It's wonderful to see this come together.


--- Vladislav Blanton <vblanton at> schrieb am Mo, 10.1.2011:

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Betreff: Digest Issue 160 - ready to go live
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Datum: Montag, 10. Januar, 2011 17:30 Uhr

Dear team,

Digest Issue 160: 5th December 2010, is ready to go live! 

I've widdled down the selection of commits a bit more to 184 and finalised the synopsis.

I guess the next step is to publish it and send it to the dot?


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