A quick update

Danny Allen danny at commit-digest.org
Tue Jan 11 03:50:38 CET 2011

Great work these past few days everyone, i've been monitoring the mailing list and Enzyme and have been really impressed by the way different people have tackled different tasks to get Digest production moving forward.

I've finished up the work on Issue 160: http://commit-digest.org/issues/2010-12-05/ and i've sent off the Dot article so hopefully that will appear soon.

You might also note that I have set Vlad as the chief editor of this issue, I thought this was only fair as he's done a lot of good work on this issue!

Thanks also to those of you who are contacting, writing, and proofreading articles, and of course reviewing / classifying commits.

I can feel a good system developing here, now all we need to do is keep up this momentum and get Issue 161 and so on out :)

I hope to be able to do more work on Enzyme over the coming days, i'll keep you all informed.

Keep up the great work everyone!

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