KDE Frameworks port

Andrea Scarpino scarpino at kde.org
Wed Apr 1 18:50:44 UTC 2015

On Mon 23, March 09:50:55 Mehrdad Momeny wrote:
> Thanks a lot Andrea, that was a big job I reckon.
452 files changed, 4641 insertions(+), 4294 deletions(-)

without the astyle commit OFC :-)

> However there's no need for a branch I guess, we haven't any big issue
> currently in 1.5, so merging into master would be easier to manage. and
> Choqok used to be like this. :D
> Please do merge it to master whenever you feel it's OK.

Merged! master is KF5 based now \o/

**NOTE: you need qoauth from git otherwise you will get a segfault at 
runtime!** There's no release of qoauth for Qt5 and, unfortunately, we can 
build with the Qt4 version too.
You also need qca-qt5, but cmake will complain if it isn't installed.

I did my best, but I do expect some regression :-P, so please test and use the 
current git version and report anything on bugs.kde.org.

Also, if someone want to join the development there are still 2 Junior Jobs 
- move away from QString(char*) methods
- move away from deprecated QUrl methods



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