D15679: Add missing dependencies for PART_STAGE

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  Currently, KPrNotes is using the text shape and the picture shape in its creator method (see line 67 and line 78). As a consequence, in a presentation, when creating a new page in KPrDocument.cpp#171, the page creation itself is creating a KPrNotes (see KPrPage.cpp#56) and finally if one of the two shape plugins is not compiled, the Q_ASSERT() will catch the non existing shape, at best, or if compiled with QT_NO_DEBUG, the program will crash.
  As PART_WORD is depending on PLUGIN_TEXTSHAPE, I'm modifying the depency tree to add PLUGIN_TEXTSHAPE and PLUGIN_PICTURESHAPE for PART_STAGE.
  Compiling then plugins/pictureshape, I took the opportunity to update two function calls in QMouseEvent.
  Maybe it would be nice to replace the Q_ASSERT with an if (factory) {} and put a warning in the else part in case of a wrong installation and plugins are missing. What do you think ?

  R8 Calligra



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