Notes from the 2014 Sprint Meeting

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Jul 8 08:56:35 BST 2014

* Repository splitting, social consequences of splitting up

-> Problems: we have libraries that are tangled together and that are packaged together in distributions, so Krita depends on sqlite, even. Our libraries depend on QtWidget, which makes mobile apps harder to make, and mobile is where Calligra excels.

-> Conclusion: splitting libraries into separate repositories is not feasible for 2.9. We would like to not have our libraries drag in QtWidget all the time, but that’s a big job to fix. Zagge has started on an initial idea. 

We will keep the single repository for 2.9. With the Qt5 port, we will disable all applications. Boud volunteers to do the intial port Qt5 using the various scripts available. When everything builds but isn't properly ported, everything but the libraries will be disabled from the build. Then we can start porting applications; unmaintained applications that are not ported by the release date (3 months) will not be in the release.

* Qt5 port
-> 3 months
-> make tier2/tier3 optional

* What to do with unmaintained applications
-> will be disabled using Qt5 port

* Linux distribution packaging issues / portable applications: maybe an option to avoid the distribution-dependencies confusion problem. Maybe use Qt installer framework for upgrades?

* Promoting libraries for re-use -- are they good enough for that.
-> kokross deprecated
-> koproperty will be separated out
-> kundo2 still needed in qt5
-> odf  could be moved to documentliberation project?
-> rdf -- needed for odf 1.2, but probably broken
-> vector image -- useful outside calligra: KF5 tier1 library?

* Growing our user base
    * growing communities for single applications: jstaniek will prepare packages for Kexi, Krita already has packages for *buntu, Windows, OSX.

* Automatic feedback system (Jaroslaw)
-> having a system that makes it possible to add tooltips and similar for documentation teams would be good. Adding this can be done directly in Calligra or maybe through gammaray’s introspection system.

* Translation issues (Dmitry)
->Dmitry presents a set of issues found during the krita translation sprint and well send out a summary.

* Non-Linux targets

* MVC Branch
-> demoed. We'll make a fork of komain for use in MVC enabled applications. Application maintainers can then port to MVC as they have time.

Boudewijn Rempt,,

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