Review Request: Fix wrong function type descriptions in tables/functions/*xml files

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Mon Jan 16 19:23:58 UTC 2012

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Review request for Calligra, Marijn Kruisselbrink and Sebastian Sauer.


FunctionDescription.cpp handles Types "Boolean", "Int", "String", "Any", everything else
is treated as Float type-> that is wrong.

There is also Reference, Array, Bool, String/Numeric, Reference/Array, Error,
FLOAT, int, IntType, Integer, Date, Double -> all treated as Float and displayed with 
that type in functions dialog.

1) changed all int/IntType/Integer to the proper Type string "Int" + Bool to "Boolean"
2) removed sebsauers comments, this doesn't break string freeze, the msgs are already in tables.pot

2) added some comments about issues to fixe for 2.5, breaks strings freeze now.

Not all issues mentioned in #290631 are fixed in this patch, 
the types Reference, Array, String/Numeric, Reference/Array, Error, Date, Double are still wrong.

This addresses bug 290631.


  tables/functions/engineering.xml a9c5281 
  tables/functions/financial.xml e54b400 
  tables/functions/math.xml b495861 
  tables/functions/reference.xml 2446021 
  tables/functions/statistical.xml 1463231 
  tables/functions/text.xml 6933622 




Burkhard Lück

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